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Beer, sex and Euro2012

Friends told me they were confused about an advertisement on Dutch TV, mixing Euro 2012, beer and sex. I don’t watch Dutch television, but I easily found the video on YouTube, with key words “Keep him home”.

“Keep him home” is he message of the advertisement, by the energy company, Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, which offers for free a beer cooling machine against the signature of a long-term contract.
The video suggests Dutch women should use this machine to prevent their male partner from going to Ukraine to watch Euro 2012… A Google page is displayed with zillions of half-naked Ukrainian women. Many of the Euro 2012 cup football matches will be played in Ukraine very soon, from 8 June to 1 July. Ukraine co-hosts the football cup with Poland.
I would suggest watching those 26 seconds.
Ok. Now I will provide a minimum of guidance. The male individual, which I never saw before, is a famous Dutch journalist, Henk Spaan, whom his lady wife (presumably, we don’t see her), apparently prevents from going to Ukraine, thanks to this miraculous machine.
The ad is fueling controversy in Ukraine, but happily enough, also in the Netherlands. Many Ukrainians see it as an attempt to discredit the championship they are so proud of hosting, and also at promoting the stereotype that what Ukrainian women want is sex with foreigners. Many Dutch see it as sexist and xenophobic.

What do you think?

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  1. Shame on Dutch who blacken reputation of Ukraine!!! they didn’t found another idea for advertising?it is mean!

  2. The video is no longer available, “due to a trade mark claim by another party”.
    Thank you Peugeot!
    (I remember the cooling machine had a Peugeot logo, although Peugeot was not part of the advertisement.)

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