Reuniting Europe

Crisis? What crisis?

(Thank you, Supertramp.) The Commission is already closed and the restaurants in the European quarter are empty.
But not because of the crisis, as there is no crisis for Commission officials. It’s because almost everyone is on holidays.
And everything was quiet over the last three weeks. Nobody speaks of the eurozone crisis, as if it had suddenly disappeared.

Something similar happened just before Christmas, when the ECB gave a thousand billion euro to the banks to recapitalise, almost without interest.
So the civil servants bought themselves quiet holidays. ECB repeats the experience since.
But there is one more reason for everything being so quiet – it’s the French elections. The Commission is basically doing nothing until 6 May.
Something similar happened before the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum. Back then, the Commission was picking up on “safe” subjects, such as the endangered habitat of hamsters in Alsace.
Now the boldest thing they did was a proposal on EU-wide rules for car registration.
Happy Easter!

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