Reuniting Europe

I have mixed feelings. Too many colours, but the flag is nice.

I’s in fact the flag of Solidarność, the independent trade union that helped bring down communism.

But today for Poland, Solidarity means EU money to be spent for new EU members. On a visit to Brussels last September, Polish President Bronisław Komorowski insisted that European assistance to poorer regions and farmers should be preserved in the next EU long-term budget.

But Barroso replied that the Commission supported the solidarity approach but all member states would need to agree as well.

It remains to be seen what happens to EU solidarity, during the Polish EU Presidency.

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  1. Is the national presidency relevant any more? How much less the logo? The Lisbon Treaty was supposed to put things back onto a more European discussion rather than that of a national political ego trip.

  2. Speaking about solidarity, why couldn’t the Polish presidency use the web address EuTrioPL, in the same manner as Spain and Belgium did?

  3. @David:

    The Presidency has an important impact on the dossiers and political projects being put forward during its term!
    It is thus very relevant…

    Pushing forward certain projects in a pragmatic way on which a European consensus has to be found anyways, is an effective way to proceed. No ego trip at all…

  4. Dear Georgi,
    I also have mixed feelings about this logo. On the one hand, it’s a very good idea to keep the spirit of Solidarnosc famous logo and the Polish flag. On the other hand, this logo is also in the Olympic Games’ spirit. Maybe it would have been better to keep only EU’s coulors – blue and yellow, like EurActiv, Ikea or Ryanair 😉 – and red for the Polish flag. The same goes for the arrows. Why these coulors? Why six arrows? The 6-EU funding countries? It is strange if Polish Presidency’s goal is solidarity between the 27 Member States, not only six… Otherwise, the six arrows go “hand in hand” like partners… or strikers.

    To Ralf Grahn: the eutrio web adress was used by Spain and Belgium for the current trio of presidency, i.e. Spain, Belgium and Hungary. Hungary failed by using in spite of Poland will in fact launch a new trio with Denmark and Cyprus. Let’s see if the 2 next countries use the eu2012 or eutrio “system”.

  5. yes, I do like it. Definitely the one to remember.
    – six arrows – six months of presidency
    and about trio:
    – yellow and black, green and blue, orange and red : ). It looks like other dimension added, it’s dynamic.
    Starts with yellow, center – blue, red with Polish flag and “eu” in blue. EU colours with Polish presidency.
    That’s how I see it.

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