Reuniting Europe

Council President Herman Van Rompuy, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Parliament President Jerzy Buzek will all attend the beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II in Rome on 1 May.

I too have a lot of respect for John Paul II but, frankly, all three going to a (controversial) religious event – what kind of signal does this send? What is happening to Europe?

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  1. what’s happening to europe?? what do you mean, is it so unheard of going to an event such as this. honoring a man who had done nothing but bring unity to many nations. a man who got walls to fall. we could use someone like our beloved John Paul II now. someone who elevates moral integrity to a level we should all aspire to. instead we live in the mire of moral decay, indecency, obscenity and any other word which implies a decline in our moral fiber. or are you just jealous you weren’t invited??1

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