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As a Bulgarian national, I am familiar with all habitats listed in a well-documented petition reporting sixteen cases of Natura 2000 ‘vandalism’ in Bulgaria. In a recent article, I briefly described some of the cases. Terrible destruction has already taken place before our eyes and in a very short time-span. No lessons have been learned from Spain for instance, where the beautiful seaside surrendered to the triumph of concrete.

I personally thought that the destruction will stop after our EU accession, but I was wrong. In fact, things are getting worse, as the economic crisis further motivates greedy ‘investors’.

The EU could greatly improve its image and its credibility if it woulds act with more resolution against the destruction of Europe’s nature. But apparently powerful industry interests prevent the EU executive from decisive action. Wild capitalism rules not only in poor countries such as Bulgaria.

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  1. This is very sad. I was also hoping that Montenegro will one day have much better protection after it joins EU, but your example of Bulgaria is not encouraging at all. I am afraid that wild capitalism rules even within EU and we – European citizens must do our best to save european nature, as well as other values that Europe has.

    I hope Bulgaria will not make same mistakes as Spain.

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