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Over-optimistic Berisha?

I had the privilege to speak to Sali Berisha, indeed a ‘political animal’, always on the front scene of Albania.

As any other leader of a candidate country, he tried to sell its bid to the best of his abilities. I think he is a good communicator, that could also explain his political longevity.

But one could put into doubt some over-optimistic statements. I have been to Albania in December 2007. The country may have changed a bit since, but it’s still the poorest country in Europe. Watching Belgian television, I frequently hear of Albanian mafia, despite the fact that Mr. Berisha says it does not exist any more.

Albania needs encouragement, because it’s the country that came the longest way, from an almost medieval society to modernity, in just one generation. But how generous can Europe be?

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  1. Of course in Albania there is no organised crime anymore: all Albanian criminals are happily operating in the EU.
    Of course despite the crisis the Albanian economy is still growing: all the money Albanian criminals steal/rob/extort in the EU is invested in Albania.

  2. I think Albania also deserves credit for pushing forward on gay rights reforms – leapfrogging many EU member states in fact, with legislation to allow same sex marriages.

    Albania has a long way to go but it clearly shows itself of capable progressive action.

  3. Albanians were in comunist jail for 50 years.Democracy found them almost dead,poor and hopeless.
    Albanians are native on the balkan peninsula.They deserve better life !

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