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“We are so focused on the quality of Croatia’s accession negotiations that speculation about an eventual monitoring mechanism does not have any place and I take my responsibilities very seriously in this regard. I am not in the business of running an accession process that requires such a mechanism,” Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle said in an extensive interview for EurActiv.

This sounds as good news for Zagreb. Bulgaria and Romania’s EU accession in January 2007 was accompanied by a monitoring mechanism designed to guide those countries’ progress in the field of law enforcement. This mechanism has largely disappointed in terms of delivery and is seen by Sofia and Bucharest as a humiliation.

However, Bulgaria and Romania had been promised accession on 1 January 2007 a couple of years before they joined. Nobody so far has promised Croatia an accession date.

It appears that Brussels will not let any country to join the Union before it is fully ready. One ‘lesson learned’ is that the ‘soft power’ of the Union is much stronger before accession takes place.

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  1. Message from Iceland

    Iceland will not join EU in the near future. The support for EU membership has completely evaporated in the last year. I was myself a firm supporter of EU membership, but now I strongly oppose it. A large part of the nation can say the same. There is no point in the forthcoming negotiations between Iceland and EU. Support in parliament has also evaporated but the show must go on. The EU countries Holland and Britain have waged a war against the economy of Iceland with blocking help from the AGS and they are still doing so. They are damaging the economy on intention to have some kind of revenge on the general public in Iceland. My and others revenge will be as follows: we will not even read what the deal is about when the negotiations are finished, we just vote NO against it. Apart from this I will fight EU membership with newspaper articles.

    Good bye EU

    Einar Gunnar Birgisson

  2. Restitution issue still not solved in compliance with european legal framework, human rughts at stake!

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