Reuniting Europe

Borissov and the Octopus

“It’s us or them” Borissov said. These words speak for themselves.

Some people in Bulgaria say that Borissov and the thug he is dealing with at present, Alexey Petrov, are very much the same. In fact, they have had a joint business and share a passion for karate.

However many Bulgarians, at least those who voted for Borissov last summer, consider that only a man who comes from the shadowy circles can deal with the mafia Octopus. Borissov is ambitious, he is apparently wealthy and therefore he can dedicate himself to saving the nation, they believe.

Apparently the EU sees it also this way. Does Brussels have any other choice?

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  1. “Does Brussels have any other choice?”
    No it hasn’t.
    My take on seven months Borissov, is moderately optimistic for Bulgaria.
    Corruption and a faulty justice system are being attacked.
    Given the many unexploited economic opportunities that exist in the country, I think, that a relatively small European investment effort in Bulgaria, will prove fruitful under the actual circumstances.

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